November 21st, 2014

Почему заменили инспектора Барнаби (Джона Неттлза) в фильме "Чисто английские убийства"

Жена любит сериал Midsomer Murders, а поскольку мы часто смотрим фильмы вместе, то и я подсел, хотя не любитель жанра. В общей сложности посмотрел штук 20 серий. В 13-м сезоне из фильма вывели ключевого актера (Джона Неттлза), который играл полицейского и на котором держался весь фильм. Стало интересно, почему актера убрали после 13 лет съемок.

Погуглил, обнаружил что 67-летний актер ушел сам, устав от сериала и его ритма съемок, а также желая проводить больше времени с семьёй. Выдержки из интервью актера:

  • "My final episode will be the 82nd. That's enough for anyone. I've come to a natural end and the last thing I want to do is to bore people."

  • "I want to try other things before the Grim Reaper comes knocking. I will still work, but at a slightly less frenetic pace. Midsomer Murders has taken ten months out of every year and it's played havoc with my family life. Now, it's time to restore some order."

  • "I think I've spent longer between the sheets with Jane than I have with my real wife Cathryn over the past 13 years."

  • "I want to spend more time with my family. I want to see much more of my grandchildren, my daughter Emma's youngsters, Nathan, eight, and Sophie, two. They live on Jersey, so I haven't been able to get there very often, but when I leave Midsomer it will be a bonus to be able to fly over whenever I want."

  • "And my wife is very pleased I'm leaving - although I suspect she will have plenty to keep me busy when I have more time on my hands. Almost by a process of osmosis, she is introducing more and more animals to our home for me to look after. The list includes two kittens; five chickens named after the Spice Girls; three cats, a dog, and a donkey called Hector."